News Highlights

Pedaling Towards Discovery

Every year the Office of Sustainability runs a session for the Mary and France's Youth Center's Discovery Camp. For the past two years, we have been able to have our Mayor's Youth Academy interns at RamBikes, teach the campers bike safety and mechanics. To learn more about our work with the Discovery Camp, click on the image above.

New Life for Abandoned Bikes

As Part of VCU's biking policy, all abandoned bikes on campus are brought to and managed by RamBikes. At RamBikes, we have tried to find new and innovative ways to reuse parts and rebuild the bikes to support some of our programs. To learn more about what happens to the abandoned bikes on campus, click on the image above.

Pride Ride 2k20

In 2019, RamBikes hosted "The Pride Ride", a community bike parade and celebration of RVA Bike Month and Pride. For 2020, we were excited to see what the second iteration of this event would become. Despite the limitations of the time, we were able to find a creative and engaging solution to still host the Pride Ride in a way that was open and enjoyable to everyone. To learn more about how "Pride Ride 2020: A Tour of Richmond's LGBTQ+ History" came to fruition, read Style weekly's article about the event by clicking on the image above!