Upcoming Events

RamBikes staff hosts group rides, basic repair clinics, trips and other bike-related events throughout the year. Participation is open to all VCU students, faculty and staff and is free of charge! The Outdoor Adventure Program at VCU also hosts weekly urban and mountain rides and will have a few workshops, which you can find information on here.

Group Rides

Below is the listing of free group bicycle rides for the Spring of 2018. Both the Outdoor Adventure Program and the RamBikes rides are listed. OAP rides will meet at the Outing Rental Center, while RamBikes rides will meet at the RamBikes building. You have the option to rent bikes at either location, RamBikes rentals are free while the OAP charges a small $5 fee per day. 


Below is the workshop schedule for Spring 2018. These workshops are held at two different times each Wednesdays, 12PM and 5PM. All workshops listed will take place at RamBikes, located at 201 N. Belvidere. You don't need to bring a bicycle, but if you have specific questions or fixes please bring yours! You are asked to register for these workshops. 


March 14 - How to Buy a Bike

March 21 - Fix-A-Flat

March 28 - Bike Maintenance 101

April 4 - Bike Maintenance 201

April 11 - Night Riding

April 18 - Bike Maintenance 101

April 25 - Bike Maintenance 201

May 2 - Topics: Wheel Truing and Hub Adjustments


Below are descriptions of the various workshops listed above, followed by their length.

How to Buy a Bike (1 hour)

Looking to buy a new ride this season? Join us for a special introductory workshop filled with advice on buying a bicycle new or used. We'll go over what types of bicycles are best for riding in which locations, some options from local shops, and what to look for if and when you're buying a used bicycle. Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary bell.

Fix-A-Flat (1 hour)

A class for every bicycle rider of any skill level! Come get your hands dirty at our fix-a-flat class, where everyone will get the experience of swapping out and patching a tube. Discover the difference between a flat caused by debris in the road and a flat caused by low air pressure. Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary pair of tire levers and patch kit.

Bike Maintenance 101 (1 hour)

For all bicycle commuters! No mechanical experience necessary. This introductory workshop that will cover parts of the bicycle and how to discuss them with your mechanic, sights and sounds that indicate a problem and routine maintenance. We'll go over cleaning of components and what normal wear and tear looks like. You'll leave knowing how to take better care of your ride. Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary bottle of chain lube.  

*We will not cover fixing a flat. That information will only be in our fix-a-flat class*

Bike Maintenance 201 (2 hours)

A follow up to BM101 or for those with riding experience, this 201 course will cover all minor adjustments that you can make at home. It will include brake adjustment and brake pad replacement, cable tension, and an explanation of derailleur adjustments.

Night Riding (1 hour)

A special class for those who plan on riding at night. We'll go over the various options for lights, whether you're aiming to solely be seen or light up the road in front of you. This class will also cover various clothing and accessories that make you more visible. Each person will receive a set of lights and a reflective band.

Topics: Wheel Truing and Hub Adjustment (1.5 hours)

Interesting in delving into the wheels of your bike? Come learn about the inside of a wheel, how it works, and how to adjust it so you can keep those wheels turning smoothly. 


Great Bike Roundup

The Great Bike Roundup is a long-standing bike event held every semester by VCU Parking and Transportation, with recent collaboration with VCU Office of Sustainability, local vendors, and the VCU Police.  Free bike inspection, informational tables, bike registration, and give-aways (they go fast, so make sure to get there early)!

Date: TBD

great bike roundup