Fix-it Resources

VCU’s 10 Fixit Bike Self-Repair Stands and 6 tire inflation facilities provide an additional measure of reliability to bike commuters at the university.  Should one need to change a flat tube or make minor adjustments, tools suspended from cables at each of these stands can help you get to class and to get home.

The stands are free to use, available 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and simple to use, provided commuters have basic bike maintenance repair skills.  They are even conveniently located such that they are easily accessed by just a brief walk from anywhere on either campus.

Fix-It Stations

On the Monroe Park Campus:

  • Outside the Cabell Library facing the Student Commons
  • Outside the Cabell Library facing Harris Hall
  • In the walkway south of Johnson Hall
  • In the courtyard of Grace & Broad Residence Center
  • By the entrance to the Cary St. Gym
  • Outside the shop at RamBikes

On the MCV Campus:

  • Across the street from the Larrick Student Center
  • In the courtyard by McGuire Annex
  • In front of the Tompkins-McCaw Library

Tire Inflation Facilities

Monroe Park Campus:

  • Johnson Hall walkway
  • Linden Street walkway between Oliver and Temple
  • Mobility Hub on Floyd at Cabell and Student Commons

MCV Campus:

  • Larrick Student Center
  • Hunton Student Center
  • Mobility Hub at N-Deck and MCV bookstore


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