VCU Bike Policies


The following policies and procedures are put in place to make sure that you and your bike remain safe. For further information, please contact the VCU police department.



  • Bicycles may not be parked, stored or locked to any structure or within any building, including campus residence halls, on either campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Bicycles shall not be locked to railings, utility or light poles, fences, trees, handicap ramps or any structure other than the bike racks.
  • Students or employees in violation of this requirement are subject to having their bicycles removed under the Rules and Procedures of Virginia Commonwealth University.

View VCU's Bicycle guidelines here.


Bike Removal 

Keeping your bike safely secured in one of the Virginia Commonwealth University bike racks is the best way to ensure you bicycle isn't removed on campus. If your bicycle is locked to a street sign, it may be removed by the City of Richmond after a period of 10 days. If it is locked to a city tree, it may be removed immediately. If you believe your bicycle has been removed by the city, please call the Richmond City Police Department Property Unit at (804) 646-6727.

If your bicycle becomes inoperable, meaning missing two or more crucial parts for its operation, it may be tagged for removal from a VCU rack. This also applies to bicycles that are abandoned, or left on a public building rack for more than 30 days without use. Once a bicycle is tagged you will have 10 days to remove it from that location. VCU removal tags are magenta sticker labels that are placed on the front end of an inoperable or abandoned bicycle. If you think your bike has been removed by VCU you may call RamBikes with identifying information about the bicycle to see if it is in our possession. RamBikes will keep bicycles for 120 days after removal from any racks on the campus. Call RamBikes at (804) 828-2453.

If you have lost the key to your lock and need your bicycle removed, please call the VCU Police to notify them. They will report it to RamBikes or Facilities Management and one of those departments will be able to remove it for you. You may reach the VCU Police at (804) 828-1196.